Monday, 14 May 2012

How The League Was Won

Manchester City,champions of England.The last time someone said that was 44 years ago.Manchester City have revolutionised the Premier League by creating a Barcelona-esqe home record.They haven't lost at home all season,a magnificent feat in itself.In the red half of Manchester things weren't all home sweet home memorable dropped points against Blackburn and Everton.The Everton game was truly atrocious to watch as a football fan,if you are 4-2 up at home there isn't a need to switch off.When United were winning the cigars and deck chairs came out.I bet it was even worse as a United fan,Manchester United in recent years pride themselves on a impenetrable home record .Citys home record speaks for it self but compare the two defences Hart is the best keeper in the Premier League,no doubt about that.Micah Richards Vs Phil Jones no contest Phil Jones has had injuries and if I'm fair a pretty poor United player.Kompany Vs Ferdinand really Kompany is fast,strong and very good at organising.Ferdinands best days are over,he was a very very good defender but it's the cliche that United are in a transition period.Evans Vs Lescott Evans is a good player but Lescott has confidence and a sense if pride playing for City Evans looks weak and Lost.Clichy Vs Fabio or Rafael the Frenchman is experienced in the Premier League.The Da Silva twins are very very unpredictable.The Final score City 4-0 United.When Vidic gets back United will strengthen.City are a juggernaut though and looks like a one way to ticket to glory

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