Monday, 14 May 2012

How The League Was Won

Manchester City,champions of England.The last time someone said that was 44 years ago.Manchester City have revolutionised the Premier League by creating a Barcelona-esqe home record.They haven't lost at home all season,a magnificent feat in itself.In the red half of Manchester things weren't all home sweet home memorable dropped points against Blackburn and Everton.The Everton game was truly atrocious to watch as a football fan,if you are 4-2 up at home there isn't a need to switch off.When United were winning the cigars and deck chairs came out.I bet it was even worse as a United fan,Manchester United in recent years pride themselves on a impenetrable home record .Citys home record speaks for it self but compare the two defences Hart is the best keeper in the Premier League,no doubt about that.Micah Richards Vs Phil Jones no contest Phil Jones has had injuries and if I'm fair a pretty poor United player.Kompany Vs Ferdinand really Kompany is fast,strong and very good at organising.Ferdinands best days are over,he was a very very good defender but it's the cliche that United are in a transition period.Evans Vs Lescott Evans is a good player but Lescott has confidence and a sense if pride playing for City Evans looks weak and Lost.Clichy Vs Fabio or Rafael the Frenchman is experienced in the Premier League.The Da Silva twins are very very unpredictable.The Final score City 4-0 United.When Vidic gets back United will strengthen.City are a juggernaut though and looks like a one way to ticket to glory

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Who is going to win the sack race?

Today the heat was turned up on several premier league mangers.Let's start with the north east,Sunderland what a week they have had, lost at norwich Titus Bramble in possession of class A drugs.Trouble has been brewing at the stadium of light for a while the farcical affair of Asamoah Gyan being sent off to UAE.Sunderland have sold quality andnot bought quality they have brought in sub standard players like Craig Gardener?Wow Steve Bruce that'll strike fear into teams won't it.And now to the most hated manger in Britain:Steve Kean,what a poor choice for a manger. assistant mangers don't make good bosses,they don't assert authority properly.Them two will get scaled first,good riddance.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Its Here

End of season, the clichés are being bandied about like there is no next season. In this post I will conduct the TEAM OF THE SEASON report. It will be 4-4-2 formation, picking the best of the best from all that footballs had to offer. Lets get it started.

Pepe Reina (Liverpool FC):A steady straight talking servant to the club, as his next-door neighbour and best friend at the club (Fernando Torres) left, he was left limbo hounded by Arsenal, instead of  misleading the fans as Torres did ("I want to stay and help the club build for the future" People, 7th January 2011). He went straight out and told the fans "I might have to consider my options". Since then he declared that he is staying. Oh I forgot Joe Hart and... Robert Green.Ah well there's always next year.

Left Back:
Jose Enrique (Newcastle United). Not a massive admirer of Newcastle but looking at this guy I have found a diamond in the rough. He is quick and agile. He is Newcastle's main source of creativity and remember he is a LEFT BACK. Read it slowly, no doubt he is going to be top club player next season (or as Phil Thompson says the deal is done with Liverpool). Furthermore, on the financial side of things he is make a healthy dollar for the Magpies bought for 6.3 mill. However, another left back that must be mentioned is Eric Abidal diagnosed cancer he underwent a revolutionary cancer treatment and then 62 days later lifted the European Cup with a sterling performance. Congrats Eric and Jose.

Centre Back:
Gerard Pique (Barcelona FC). He has won everything that you can win: Champions League (twice!), 3 La Liga titles. He kept Rooney under thumb in the final, he promises to be a stalwart of Spain's national squad, I forgot he won the World Cup as well. Yeah, its true he didn't really cut the mustard in the Premier League but hey he is playing for the best team in the world. P.S. Carles Puyol was considered for this role but was marked DOWN for his hair.

Centre Back no.2:
Chris Smalling (Manchester United). It really hurts me to put this guy in but his performances in reserve centre back duty really impressed me. He is quite skilful for a defender and tall as well so there's a bonus.You may notice I'm waffling here but as you've probably read I'm a Liverpool fan so lets just skim over this section and dust ourselves down get onto the right back, phew!

Right Back:
Dani Alves (Barcelona FC). Believe it or not one of Barcelona main source of creativity good all rounder made an ideal full back any team. 'Nuff said really. He plays Barcelona who did you expect Titus Bramble? Finally the midfield!

Left Midfield:
Gareth Bale (Tottenham Hotspur). I need to start with this position, I actually scouted Bale yes I did on FIFA 09 but still counts when he was playing for Forest. Well what can I say really single handedly lead them to famous wins over Inter and AC Milan. YouTube it is literally single handedly. Faded during the last half but he's bounced bounce back under the guidance of ol' Harry

Centre Midfield No.1:
Charlie Adam (Blackpool FC/Liverpool FC):Good old Charlie,apoligies for wearing rose tinted spectacles but hear me out when I say this he is a rare breed a proper old fashioned midfield player.Signed for Liverpool on a saga ended with these words "Tottenham came in for me but Liverpool was the only club for me".Kenny Dalglish being the legend that he is drove him calmly to his medical at Melwood,welcome to Liverpool Charlie.

Centre Midfield No.2:
Scott Parker (West Ham United):Adore Scotty P,like Charlie he embodies the passion of the game.He's got shed loads of talent and his father club Chelsea want him back.He so nearly saved West Ham from the Championship, West Hams season was painful to watch  at times but the way he pulled the strings in the Midfield was very easy on the eye.Sadly he couldn't save West Ham but I'm sure they'll be back.

Right Midfield
Lionel Messi (Barcelona FC)
Nuff said.

Centre Forward No.1 
Luis Suarez (Liverpool FC)
Luis Suarez has waltzed into my team of the season depstie being in the Barclay's Premier League since the 2nd of February.With his (dubious) first goal for the club he showed instinct and fire-power.Which came to light when on a sunny March morning he demonstrated the guile and talent to leave all the Manchester United defence on their arses and Fergie as quiet as a referees whitsle when a oppostion team have penalty appeal at Old Trafford.In short Man United shouldv'e seen what was coming I mean 159 appearances and 111 goals for Ajax.Player of the year in my book and definitely all fans should look out for.

Centre Forward No.2
Javier Hernandez (Or  Chicharito  if you want to sound like a complete fool) (Manchester United):I can't abide using clichés but this guy set the league alight.Quick good in the air as seen at Stoke.If I'm honest I'm quite jealous of Manchester United I could see Hernandez fitting right in at Anfield .His pace is blistering its a shame  that he nearly got the leagues fastest goal last season but was beaten by  Maxi Rodriguez unlucky Javier.

Thats it everybody taken 2 months to write but the team of the season.
Back soon with my take on the summer transfers

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Hi and welcome to my blog cheers for visiting.For starters I'll tell you about myself, I'm 14 and form Newcastle and Scouse born Father I'm a Liverpool fan.This post is going to be full of info about me and analysing football in general  and my football likes and dislikes.Man United fans please stop reading,you wont enjoy it some little compliment here and there.On the whole though I'll be monitoring everything in the football world.I'll set my twitter account up at a later date.Add more soon.